URBEX: Enter at Your Own Risk

URBEX – Enter At Your Own Risk is an exclusive new 8 part series that reveals the ordinary people taking part in arguably the world’s most extraordinary hobby. ‘Urban Explorers’ come from every walk of life and every country on earth. They spend their lives illegally scaling buildings and bridges, looking down from above on their native cities, precariously balanced on the edges of skyscrapers and cranes. They seek out the long abandoned, forgotten places that the rest of us ignore and the jaw dropping views we only dream of. It is dangerous, stunning and, for most people, incredibly frightening. But are they brave, fearless and daring? Or reckless and stupid? Filmed in 8 countries across the world, from Moscow to Melbourne to Mumbai we meet the people who walk the fine line between life and death, pushing themselves higher and higher and further and further beyond the ordinary to see the world from a different angle as we ask the most important question of all – why?